Cheerful spring garden
Of course, you want a beautiful garden all year round. And that starts in the spring. How do you create a cheerful spring garden that is also beautiful later in the year? Read on.

Spring bulbs
Don’t limit your garden to bedding plants and perennials. Create a nice combination of bulbous plants, annuals and perennials. And if you have space, add one or more trees and bushes.
For a cheerful spring garden, you mainly need biennials and bulbs.
Biennials are plants which you plant in your garden before the winter and which flower early the next spring. Examples are various types of pansies, Bellis (daisies), blue and pink forget-me-nots, etc.

You can buy them at the garden centre or sow them yourself.

For bulbous plants, you can choose from bulbs that you have to replant every year or bulbous plants that you can leave in the garden. Grape hyacinths, for example, come back every year. So do botanical tulips. Ordinary tulips and hyacinths are best planted every year.

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