Clematis planting
Clematis – ideal for an ugly or bare wall
This climbing plant only catches the eye when it flowers. The plant looks a bit puny during the year, but nevertheless the most beautiful flowers appear when it flowers. There is an enormous diversity of plants. Take a closer look at the various species.20

Do you also have a bare wall, an ugly fence or a pergola without flowers? Then consider clematis. This climbing plant fills up an ugly wall nicely.

And with a handful of grains of plant food, this vine will flower all summer.

This climber can also be combined with roses, for example. Dark clematis can be combined nicely with pink roses. You can also choose clematis with different flowering times or colours to extend the flowering season and choose your own colour mix. Clematis can also be combined nicely with honeysuckle.

How to prune a clematis
Pruning is always a tricky business. How and when is usually the question; I don’t usually make it that difficult for myself.

Early flowering clematis: these flower in April/May on last year’s wood. I usually prune them soon after flowering. Just remove some wild branches and dead wood.
I also treat clematis that flower in May/June and give another bloom later in September in the same way.

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