Cheerful garden with spring flowers

Cheerful spring garden Of course, you want a beautiful garden all year round. And that starts in the spring. How do you create a cheerful spring garden that is also beautiful later in the year? Read on. Spring bulbs Don’t limit your garden to bedding plants and perennials. Create a nice combination of bulbous plants, annuals and perennials. And if you have space, add one or more trees and bushes. For a cheerful spring garden, you mainly need biennials and bulbs. Biennials are plants which you plant in your garden before the winter and which flower early the next spring. […]

Clematis planting

Clematis planting Clematis – ideal for an ugly or bare wall This climbing plant only catches the eye when it flowers. The plant looks a bit puny during the year, but nevertheless the most beautiful flowers appear when it flowers. There is an enormous diversity of plants. Take a closer look at the various species.20 Do you also have a bare wall, an ugly fence or a pergola without flowers? Then consider clematis. This climbing plant fills up an ugly wall nicely. And with a handful of grains of plant food, this vine will flower all summer. This climber can […]

Hedge plants

Hedge plants are a great way to add privacy and security to your home. They can also provide a beautiful backdrop for your garden. There are many different types of hedge plants available, so you will need to choose the right one for your needs. When choosing hedge plants, you will need to consider the following factors: The size of the plant The type of plant The climate in which you live The amount of sun and shade the plant will get The soil type The water needs of the plant Once you have considered these factors, you will be […]